by val jester

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Some stuff we've been working on and are very proud of. Hope you like it.



released May 26, 2017

Engineers: Max Schoenwetter
Jake Miller
Will DiNola

Mixed by: Max Schoenwetter

Mastering Engineer: Daniel Siper

Writers: Max Schoenwetter, James Feinberg, Salvia Palth

Art by: Sarah Goldspleen



all rights reserved


Val Jester Montclair, New Jersey

Max makes it. Ask for him.
This is his music.

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Track Name: America
You may ask,
'Why myself?' -- and I say,
It is the only thing there is.
Because everything else hurts,
Even if it isn't meant to hurt.

Because I am afraid, and I recognize it,
But I will not change it because I am comfortable,
Because all I have is my ability to see what I have,
And if I let go for even a moment,
It will crumble and drift away from me,
Like a sandbar at high tide;
This is why myself.

God Bless Me,
I am flawed, and
Prickly, and

And I cannot exist externally,
but at I least I know that I am real to me.
I am not glorious,
I do not rise up,
I cannot survive above myself.
But for now I do,
and for now I survive.
And that is enough.

God Bless You,
God Bless Me,
God Bless the United States of America.

I love you,
And have a wonderful day.
Track Name: Home Alone, Alone
I am stuck inside
No one to confide
All I wanna be.

It is not ok
Quiet moments fill my day
So please.

Call me after now
I want to go out
With you.
It has been a while
But its something I'll
Have to see.

Sun is pouring down
On all the nice green
Got lost in my dream last night
Got holes in everything I like.

So call home
I don't want to go home alone,
Call me on the phone,
I don't want to go home alone. 
Track Name: Is This Real?
I don't want the world to stop to me
So can we stop what's going on
Is that ok mom?

Flowers stuck behind my eyes
Challenging inside to reach new highs
god once told me I'm a bad son
Too bad I can't turn that off and on.

Am I ok mom?
Am I ok mom?

I don't know what's been going wrong
Its been a while but not that long
And now my options running thin
Gotta start over again.

I don't know what to do,
(ooh ooh ooh ooh ah)
Now I'm acting a fool,
(ooh ooh ooh ooh ah)
All of this is for you,
(ooh ooh ooh ooh ah)
Its all I know how to do.
Track Name: i was all over her -.
don't know what i wanted
i have a memory,
back at that party,
i was all over her.

we didn't make out
or do anything
i just remember
i was lonely.

i guess am always
its not a problem
its just something
i got used to it.

every stranger
makes me feel safer
and every person
seems more beautiful.
Track Name: an
Well he, wishes you high
So its, by and by.

I see you're keeping it, alright
Walks to clear your head at night.

How's it, coming along?
He knows, what's going wrong
So its, duplication best
Keep this one, close to the chest

I see you're keeping it, alright
Walks to clear your head at night.
Track Name: Sanguineness
I believe what she's telling me
I see the crystal imagery
I can't retrieve that memory
But she believes in me.


Why'd she have to write me off
I'm finally moving on
These thoughts run through my head
Those thoughts of what she said.

Track Name: sorry
Doesn't clear my mind.
I don't wanna take your time.

I know there's nothing to do.

Doesn't take much time.
I know we can't rewind.

But talk it out with me, baby.
Track Name: Chaos
Baby, would you please come home pretty soon,
I've been waiting for love all afternoon,
And its getting worse, I inhaled a little bit,
Waiting on your word, for another hit.

Excuse my tone,
I just want,
To hold you tight at night.

Won't you stay a little longer I've got something for you,
Its just how you like so I don't know why.

Watch her go,
She's looking back,
Don't you know she's looking sad.
Giver of love,
What do you need?
I believe.

Baby, call me up when you're feeling blue,
I'm no doctor but Reverend's gotta know what to do.
Track Name: Make It Work?
I do not know
What to say
But you want me to
Say it anyway.
And I tried my best.
Did I pass the test?

Is there any way, to get back on?
What should I say?

I do not want
This to be it
I'm sorry to
Put you through this.
What happens now?
Between us about?

Is there any way, to get back on?
What should I say?
Track Name: I Don't Wana
She's going out tonight
Nothing wrong in the light
Turn it off to turn her on.

And I don't want to waste my time on her to think it out,
I need her now.

I don't want to know
Where she's been known to go
All I need to know is what to do and where to go.
Track Name: Goodbye
My father once told me, a poem.
Written by an old man he once knew,
who ran a corner store,
talking about his days at sea.

I've never been to sea,
but I think I'd like it out there.
Waves crashing.
Nothing but the Blue,
Sky and Sea.

This isn't the poem, but my feelings about the ocean.
The poem went like this:

There once was an old man and the sea,
and he was lost forever;
no we'll never see him again,
his name belongs to me.

I don't know what it means,
Maybe theres not a meaning.
But I like that poem --
Its short and sweet and to the point.